Fostering the Future

2020/2021 Capital Campaign
West End Neighborhood House
and Cornerstone West

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Donate today to make a difference in the lives of the people who call Delaware home and Foster a better Future. Our programs reach from Claymont to Laurel, and everywhere in-between.

Donations made to West End’s capital campaign may be eligible for tax credits through the Delaware State Housing Authority’s Neighborhood Assistance Act. Credits are limited and made on a first come, first served basis. Please contact Wes Davis at, or 302-658-4171 x 177 for more information.

Donate Today

From our
Executive Director

“For 137 years, West End has provided a ‘hand up’ to help Delawareans reach and maintain self-sufficiency. Our 137th year of service coincides with the 20th anniversary of our Life Lines program, which provides housing, education, and employment training to former youth in and emancipated from foster care. While both occasions are cause for celebration, they also represent an opportunity to satisfy the unmet needs of youth who are homeless; improve job training opportunities for underprivileged young people; expand production at our Bright Spot urban farm; and ensure that our facilities remain safe and sustainable in perpetuity. Such improvements will allow West End to continue housing, educating, and training those individuals seeking to achieve self-sufficiency. ”

– Paul F. Calistro Jr.

Why You Should Donate

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Capital Campaign Story

When you donate to support West End Neighborhood House and Cornerstone West, you’re not just contributing to an organization; you’re investing in Delaware and the many individuals and families who live here.

Your donation provides safety and stability for someone who has forgotten what having a home feels like; it gives a sense of direction to someone who desperately wants to succeed in life, but doesn’t know where to start; it represents attention and care to someone who has been overlooked or ignored for their situation in life.

Donating to the West End Neighborhood House and Cornerstone West isn’t just about impacting current Delawareans; it’s about Fostering a Future that is better for everyone. Please join us in making an impact.

3 Campaign Pillars

Your donation today helps us move one step closer toward our goal of Fostering the Future of Delaware.


  • Implement upgrades to ensure the long-term safety, energy-efficiency, and sustainability of our residential and commercial facilities.
  • Examples include the replacement of damaged masonry, roofing, flooring, plumbing/HVAC, and electrical infrastructure.


  • Expand production capacity and employment training opportunities at our Bright Spot Urban Farm by acquiring capital equipment (such as a tractor and high tunnel) and building facilities (including an additional classroom).


  • Increase housing to 31 units for homeless youth, including one ADA-compliant unit.
  • Build Delaware’s first resource center for homeless youth.

We’ve made some progress all thanks to your generous donations!

Projects Completed:
  • Refinishing of the gym floor, interior painting of our main building and the purchase of a new vehicle to transport youth
  • Purchase of a new tractor, high tunnel and construction of an outdoor classroom at the Bright Spot Farm
  • Demolition of the existing structure at 702 Douglass Street
Projects in Process:
  • Renovating and building a resource center for homeless youth and creating 10 additional housing units
  • Purchasing and installing energy-efficient appliances and systems (furnaces, HVAC units, etc.) at West End’s main building and residential properties and securing corresponding rebates from Energize Delaware
  • Implementing technology-related upgrades (including a redesign of our website and rebranding of our organization) and producing videos highlighting West End overall, the capital campaign, and the organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Construction of two new homes at 700 and 702 Douglas Street and renovation of a Resource Center at 1708 West 8th Street
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Building relationships
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Education Learning Center
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Our drop-in center renovations are under way!
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